Here are some facts that you may want to know about us our company:

About Us


Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus, LLC is a Michigan based online retail company. We currently deal with over 30+ manufacturing businesses (and still growing) that carry the licenses to produce officially licensed apparel we carry. We are not manufacturers.


Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus Name:
     To understand why the name Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus was chosen for the company, this can be broken down into two parts. First part, T-Shirt Gurus is based off the idea that we have done our research and homework and have first hand knowledge of what the imaging portrays. The apparel we sell is picked because we know about movie/comic book/video game/etc. first hand. We are fans of all that we sell and have a good to extensive knowledge of our categories. Being fans, we try to choose the best things we like that are out there, and not everything that is out there. We would rather have quality over quantity.

     The second part of our name, Bad Fly, evolved from playing a lot of arcade games. If one can remember those old coin operated arcade games; when you entered your name for a high score you could use only 3 letters/numbers? Well, ours were BAD and FLY. These were not our initials to our name, but something that let us stand out (and the fact that we thought it was cool at the time).


Our staff:
     Our staff is made up of friends and family that faithfully support the company and love what they do. Each person working for Bad Fly T-Shirt Gurus brings in an unique personality and attributes that helps maintain and support different needs of the company.


Our Motto:
     Our motto "Apparel for the Fans from the Fans" is a true statement. We really are fans of what we carry. We do watch the movies and television shows, play the video games, read the comics, etc. We don't want to sell everything. We just want to sell only apparel that we have knowledge about.


No Gimmick Policy:
     Our no Gimmick policy is our way to give the lowest price in both shipping and apparel as we possible can. We know that nothing in life is ever really free. We don't want to advertise discounts, promotions, sales, and "free shipping" on a constant basis to sell our apparel. We figure that if we can give discounts consistently to try to boost sales, then why not just lower our prices altogether. If we do advertise, however, a discount, promotion or sale we're doing it because we hit a mile stone/something special and we want to celebrate it with our customers and fans.

Looking for something and don't see it? See something wrong? Just want to discuss your favorite film/show/video game/etc. with us?
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