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Death Note is a manga series created by the writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata that appears in Weekly Shonen Jump in December of 2003. The anime series of Death Note first aired in 2006.
The plot revolves around a highly intelligent young man named Light Yagami who happens to come across a notebook (which is known as "Death Note" and was once owned by a Shinigami named Ryuk) that if a name is written into it, that person will die. After realizing that the notebook does contain the power to kill, Light decides to use it to eliminate the criminals of the world in the name of justice. However, this does not going unnoticed by the International Police Organization. After the "unexplained" deaths of so many criminals, a genius detective that goes only by the name L decides that there is a killer on the loose and wants to stop him.

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