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These officially licensed Pac-Man T-Shirts, Pac-Man Junior Tees, Pac-Man Youth Shirts, and Pac-Man Hats are influenced by:
Pac-Man is a Japanese arcade game developed by Namco and released in May of 1980 as Puck-Man. It was later released in th U.S., licensed for distribution by Midway, as Pac-Man. The game involved Pac-Man traveling through a maze eating dots while trying to avoid the monsters (aka Ghosts).
The four Monsters or "ghosts" of the original Pac-Man are Oikake (Shadow or "Blinky" - Red Ghost), Machibuse (Speedy or "Pinky" - pink Ghost), Kimagure (Bashful or "Inky" - Cyan Ghost), and Otoboke (Pokey or "Clyde" - Orange Ghost).

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